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Customers Are Talking…

Old Town Pizza receives thousands of comment cards every year — some make us laugh, some provide great feedback, and a few are burned! If you’d like to share your experience at OTP feel free to contact us.

Golly gee! This is the best pizza I’ve found in this quadrant of the galaxy. I fully intend to take my Borg in-laws here when they come to town.

Justin did a great job! We like Justin. He is as good as a corn on the cob!

I could smell the dough when I bit into it, filling my senses with even more deliciousness! Kudos!

Came from the east coast for a repeat performance. CAN YOU SHIP? A Motherlode of a PIZZA!

We’re from Alaska and we come here every time we’re town.

If there is ever an enemy attack, we would want to barricade ourselves in here!

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