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Fuel for Firefighters

Russ at 9:10 AM

Pizza – specifically Old Town Pizza’s in Auburn – turned out to be another important fuel for firefighters.

The Old Town eatery was one of the first of several businesses to donate food. Ethan O’Hagan, Old Town Pizza general manager, said he found that firefighters were frequenting his establishment on a regular basis after that.

With smoke in the air, the fire crews provided a boost to business during what was turning out to be a slow time, O’Hagan said.

“We had a ton of firefighters,” O’Hagan said. “It was a lot of pepperoni and cheese – good comfort food.”

And on Friday, O’Hagan will be filling an unexpected but welcome order – 40 “extra larges” to be delivered to the fairgrounds for remaining firefighters.

“That’s a good chunk of business, especially for lunch,” O’Hagan said.

O’Hagan said the pizzeria appreciates the business – but with mixed feelings.

“We’d rather see them get home to their families and have no reason to be around this area,” O’Hagan said.

You can read the article in its entirety here.

This post was written by Russ and filed under Business News